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Q: What are digital menu, advertising & marketing boards?

A: Quite simply, digital menus, advertising, and marketing boards are designed to replace traditional wooden, plastic or cardboard displays with electronic, high resolution LCD displays. They can be used in restaurants, shopping malls, casinos, educational campuses, corporate environments, theme parks, resorts, mass transit stations, theaters, gas stations, convenience stores and many other venues.


Q: Is ElectroMenu® easy for anyone to use?

A: Absolutely! The ElectroMenu® system allows users to design and display rich, high resolution content with the click of a mouse. We have painstakingly developed our product so that even novice users, that have never worked with digital signage, will have a fun and exciting experience with our products right out of the box.


Q: Do I have to install any software on my PC to operate my system?

A: No. The ElectroMenu® system comes complete with everything you need to design beautiful, informative and exciting displays. There is no need to add any complicated and expensive software to your existing PC or MAC.


Q: How do I load the images I want to use, in my designs, into the system?

A: Easy! While you are designing your boards you can load images anytime you want to. This can take place locally over a LAN connection from your PC or MAC or via USB flash drive.


Q: Do I need an Internet connection to run the ElectroMenu® system?

A: No. The only time you need a connection to the Internet is if you are managing your stores via a remote location. Naturally, if you are located in San Francisco and your digital menus are in Palm Beach, you are going to need an Internet connection or . . . a really long cable.


Q: How am I going to learn to program my ElectroMenu® system? I am not very “computer savvy”.

A: ElectroMenu® doesn’t require any “programming” We have developed a unique set of content design tools so that even the most “novice” user doesn’t need to know or understand how to program it, but rather simply how to create various objects by type, such as a menu group or picture box. Simply select the object you would like to create from a drop down menu, use the mouse to move it into position, resize it and adjust the settings to achieve the desired look. Best of all, ElectroMenu® offers complete training, content design, and free life-time phone support.


Q: Okay, so what if I want to have more than one screen for my menus?

A: Having more than one display screen is very common. The ElectroMenu® system has been designed to be authored from a single controller, regardless of how many displays you use in your system.


Q: What if I want to run different menus on each of my screens?

A: Each screen has its own controller. Within the ElectroMenu® program you determine which menu or menus are shown on what display screen and when.


Q: We have a food court where the display screens would be installed. I understand that different screens can play different content. But what if we don’t want to depend on one administrator to control it all; what if we want each of our restaurant managers to be able to control what is being shown and when within his/her area at any given time? Is that possible?

A: Absolutely! Instead of using an “HQ Controller” to manage multiple locations you can manage each location using one of the controllers in that location”. It’s that easy!


Q: How much does the ElectroMenu® cost?

A: ElectroMenu® can provide a total system solution, starting at just $1695.00. For a detailed quote based on your specific requirements, contact our friendly sales staff at 702-936-4785, or use our contact page to drop us an email.


Q: What type of screen or display can you use?

A: The ElectroMenu® system will work with virtually any screen 15″ and larger (including LED, LCD TVs and computer monitors) as long as the screen meets the following requirements:  If the screen is described as a “Monitor”, it needs:VGA port on the back….That’s it. There are no other requirements, since monitors are designed for this sort of thing.  If the screen is described as a “TV”, “HDTV”, or “Television”, it needs:VGA or PC Input port on the back Support for standard HD resolutions like 720p or 1080p. (We recommend 1080p) We DO NOT recommend Plasma TV’s for use with our product.