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Merchant Services offered by Matrix POS

As a merchant services provider, we understand your business is very important. Sometimes business owners need a little assistance to get where they see themselves. Here at Matrix, we are here for your benefit, whether it is loans, cash advances, credit card processing, or new cc terminal, we’ve got you covered.

Business Loans

Merchant Processing

merchant services

Here at Matrix POS, we offer many services that will vastly benefit your company. Two of those services are types of business loans, Seek Business Capital and Loan Hero. Our business loans are recommended for start-up businesses and businesses needing to give loans to their customers.

Whether you are: a new business owner just opening your doors, launching your online store, a leading national retail outlet with hundreds or thousands of locations or just needing merchant services, Matrix POS has the right solution to meet your needs today and allow you to scale seamlessly in the future. Offering great merchant services, all with the security and expertise of a trusted, proven partner.


Cash Advance

Poynt Terminal

A cash advance through Capital for Merchants is ideal for auto shops, restaurants, retail stores, salons and more! Use the advance to open a new location, cover expenses, buy equipment, remodel a store, or advertise and develop new products! As the program is customized to your needs you can choose your payback method – either through your daily credit card receivables or ACH.

Credit Card Terminal. Takes any form of payment. Built for mobility. All the hardware for amazing app innovation. Industry’s highest security. Connects to Wifi or Ethernet. Features: built in printer, 7″ touchscreen, card slot for magnetic strip or EMV, & customer display.

Make sure to call our company if you are already in business! See if you qualify for a FREE terminal!