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Our New Online Ordering Service!

Meridian Star Future POS uses TakeOut7 for the elite integration between

your Point of Sales System, and their Online Ordering service.

Key Features of TakeOut7



• Service Comes with Built-In Integration With Our Point of Sales System

• Custom Online Ordering Menus on Your Website

• Mobile-Friendly Version Enabling Customers to Order Anywhere

• Support Team Available by Phone or Email to Handle Your Platform Needs

• Real-Time Menu Updates Available

online ordering

Attract and Retain Customers. Widen your customer base through increased online visibility. Entice first-time customers and reward customer loyalty with coupons and promotions.

Increase Order Size and Order Frequency. TakeOut7 clients see marked increases in both frequency of ordering and size of their takeout orders. Allowing your customers to place orders at their convenience makes a world of difference in your bottom line.

Keep Up with Your Chain Competition. The vast majority of national and regional chain restaurants offer online ordering for their customers. Keep your customers happy and orders coming in by having online ordering convenience available to your customers.

Foolproof Ordering Eliminates Costly Mistakes. Take the errors out of hand-written phone orders. Our multiple order notifications (email, text, fax & phone) ensure you’ll never miss a beat. Filter orders by status, date or customer and make take-out scheduling and fulfillment more profitable.

Streamline Operations. Manage, communicate and plan more efficiently. Schedule your daily, weekly and monthly order load with ease and save time, allowing you to remain focused on the customer.

Increased Productivity. Say goodbye to workplace chaos with improved order clarity, organization and time management. Realize more order volume and increase your profits.

Marketing Initiatives. The TakeOut7 program includes initial and ongoing marketing support through a variety of print materials, email marketing, and social media.

Establish Brand Consistency. Establish quality controls by uploading step-by-step production instructions, standardized recipes and item photos for each of your menu items.





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