POS/Tablet Software

          Matrix POS knows how important a successful business is. Having a software that is designed to work with the type of business you own, is just as important as the business itself. Each software is designed with unique features, which enable that software to be an ideal choice for each different business type. Choosing the software that is the best option for your business can be a little tricky, but there’s no need to worry; Matrix POS is here to work with you to make sure that you get the software which best suits your business needs!

          Matrix POS is partnered with many companies. Each partnership helps to expand the list of software and hardware that we can provide, which gives a better selection to each business type. Whether you are in need of a new software or getting your first one, we have a great selection to choose from! Available software options include: VelaPOS, VeronaQSR, Future POS, Supersalon POS, EZ Retail, EZ Dine, and Mitchell1. Great software for retail businesses are VelaPOS, VeronaQSR and EZ Retail. Future POS (Tablet and POS software) is useful for restaurants, bars and clubs. While EZ Dine software is useful for restaurants as well, it is also great for hospitality use. Mitchell1 is wonderful for automotive repair shops. Supersalon POS is an ideal software for salons and spas.

          VelaPOS is designed to get you up and ready in a short amount of time. With the many great features in this software, it’s easy to: control inventory and see when it is low, control prices, access reports and control stores at any time, transfer between stores, and so much more! This fast and easy to use software would be good in any retail industry.

          VeronaQSR coming soon!

          Future POS is available for tablet and POS equipment, and ideal for: restaurants, bars and clubs. With the easy to use, touchscreen interface of Meridian Star’s Titan160 or Apexa G POS equipment, Future POS software is a perfect match. Great features include: easily switching between open tables and settling payments, customer loyalty programs, driver’s license verification (perfect for bars), “recipes” screen (allows bartenders to look up the make ups of drinks at ease), and much more.

          Supersalon POS has become one of the most popular software solutions for the salon and spa industry. The easy-to-use and easy-to-learn platform of this software, along with the amazing features it offers, is what made the first choice for over ten thousand salons world-wide! Great features included are: iOffice (a powerful back office tool that helps manage your entire business), cloud storage, inventory and payroll management, appointment book, and so much more to offer.

          EZ Retail is designed to fit your retail needs.  While using EZ Retail, you can expect to: increase sales, reduce employee errors, eliminate employee theft and inaccurate time cards. All retail businesses can reap the benefits of EZ Retail, providing each business with its own custom software package designed specifically for the retail industry!

          EZ Dine is quite useful for restaurants, as well as hospitality. While using this software: gift cards and loyalty cards are easier to manage, you can hold orders from being sent to the kitchen, splitting checks/items is easier, you can custom set the list of automatically generated reports, and much more.

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